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CALENDAR assigned to the "service", NOT the employee#3011


Hello developers
I am thinking of a case for my particular business, but I am going to explain using an easier example : the tennis club.
A tennis club may have several courts for classes with instructors and many for free use always available the members of the club.
1) Tennis Classes
2) Free Use

An instructor must have a calendar, he/she cannot give 2 classes at the same time…
But to give a class the instructor needs a court available at the chosen time.
There must be a CALENDAR ASSIGNED to each court, which I referred to as the “service” : “Tennis Classes - Court 1”, “Tennis Classes - Court 2”… (and so on)…
To set an appointment for such service there must be an “availability match” of 2 calendars : An available court and an available instructor.
When the Customer chooses CATEGORY = Tennis Classes, he/she could either see ALL matching options or make the request for a specific instructor.

2) FREE USE (the way Amelia works by default)
There is no need to match 2 calendars, just list availability for ALL courts dedicated for free use, so that the Customer makes a “reserve”.
The club could :
2.1 : not allowing the reservation of more than 1 appointment by the same customer.
2.2 : penalize “no-shows”.


a month ago