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Bi-directional WooCommerce (subscriptions) Integration#1464


Right now everything has to go through Amelia and WC is just a payment handler.

Amelia > WC

In addition to integrating WC Subscriptions (see here:

It would be helpful if the reverse could also be true:

Purchase subscription via WooCommerce > then let the customer book in Amelia.

If a member purchases a subscription I offer that includes things besides bookings done in Amelia, this would make a lot of sense.

It also opens up the power of WC Subscriptions for handling say, 3 month commitment paid monthly, or 1 week free trial then taking payment. Or, all the various scenarios Subscription has hammered out - - that even if Amelia came up with its own subsctiption mechanism… it would take a long time to catch up to half of the flexibility WC Subscriptions offers.

a year ago